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Do you care for your environment but can’t pull it together on your own?  We provide guidance on color selection of interior and exterior surfaces of homes or offices for an aesthetically pleasing affect.

NEED SOME INSPIRATION?  We provide color pages and fan decks of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint to offer paint colors for various rooms of your house. Samples help in matching furniture, flooring, artwork or selecting compatible colors to coincide with your decor.  The same is true for exteriors.  The main body of the house color is selected and the additional surfaces: gutters, shutters, doors, and fascia are all gathered to go with the body of the house.

If you decide to redesign your room it helps to not only paint the walls but also re-matt framed artwork, add color to new pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs.

By selecting two or three variations of color it is possible to make your house stand out, in a good way, from the neighbors house.  Painting can transform your house into a home.  Your personality can enhance your environment in a more cost effective way than trying to match furniture and the like to your current walls.

We service the S.E. Metro Denver area,  Cherry Creek,  Littleton,  Englewood, Centennial and Highlands Ranch for the most part but go beyond those boundaries if  it is advantageous for both of us.

Let me do the work.  It can all happen so quickly and painlessly. Contact me at: or 303.906.9156

Paint Color History

Paint color consulting is an art form that is innate in some of us. Others can’t or won’t get a feel for it because they don’t like making decisions or can’t agree on the matter.  We feel comfortable coming into most any environment to absorb the space and its elements. As design consultants, we get a feel for your space in your home or office and the desire to pull colors automatically comes out. It is amazing to see a transformation in a room where only the wall color has been changed and the furnishings feel comfortable giving the room a completely different makeover.  Most clients become encouraged because they get excited about seeing different colors against the walls and furnishings. Thus, the job begins.
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