Exterior Color Consulting

Turning Heads with Lasting Colorful Concepts

First impressions can leave a striking impression and dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home whether you’re in it or trying to sell it. With the right colors of your home, door, fascia, shutters and garage your home can brilliantly pop on your block. Complimentary colors that coincide with your surrounding neighbors will make your home inviting to come to, enter, and hard to leave.

The Brightside

In the Mile High City here in Denver, Colorado, we get sunlight 300 plus days a year. Exterior paint most always looks lighter with the sun exposure, just as the interior looks darker due to the lack of 100% light. The opposite is true for the exterior where sunlight is so prevalent that the paint looks a shade lighter than what you selected.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you get HOA approval for your paint choice.

From wide-open lots with lots of landscaping, trees, and elements to consider to smaller two bedroom homes, we’ve helped dozens of people choose the right set of colors for their home. Whether you’ve recently had damage from a hail storm, rain damage, or your paint is chipping from too much sun exposure we can help provide guidance on what colors best fit your home’s exterior.


The October 2014 hail stormed damaged many roofs in the S. Denver metro area. Paint stores were giving painters and customers my card to assist clients and home owners with the colors of their homes upon getting HOA approval. These first 1/2 dozen homes were the ones before and after that I lead to select the absolute colors that would make their house a HOME. House paint colors, trim work around doors, windows, garages, fascia and gutters were all included in the makeover of these homes.
Paul S.
Architects and Home Builders

From new homes to extensions and facelifts, many painters, architects and home builders solicit our color consulting services to get the color of a home right the first time. Your curbside value of your home can increase by up to 10% or more if you’ve a striking first impression that will turn heads.

Roofer and Painters needing color consulting

New home construction is up considerably after the 101,000  people moved to Colorado in 2015.  Roof damage from the massive hail storm in the Fall of 2014 took roofers installing new roofs months starting through the winter of that year and many months later.  We helped with HOA neighborhoods for months after they had their roofs replaced and decided to get their siding updated and/or repaired while they were at it. We came to the rescue as they called.  And, it wasn’t just HOA’s

Types of Commerical Properties  for Exterior

As color consultants, it has been our main job to work with residential properties.  However, we have worked with a number of churches seeking new window treatments, interior paint, and carpet.  The change has been dramatically pleasing.

We also have helped transform the atmosphere for restaurants exteriors, lobbies, and the variety of spaces they create within an establishment with multiple rooms. Hotels and office buildings alike have used our services to be able to provide a pleasant and welcoming tone for their employees and guests.

If you have a commercial establishment that needs a facelift on the exterior or some interior spice brought to it we will help you find the right color for you.

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