Interior Color Consulting

Brilliant Design and Color from the Inside Out

First impressions make a lasting impression.  Your home is where you will spend most of your time. Creating a comforting environment that is inviting, calming, and complimentary to your furniture can be difficult to get just right.
We understand picking the perfect color is a process, one that must catch your attention and your emotions. From basements to lit dining rooms, choosing complimentary colors throughout your space is our specialty. The paint selection you choose for your walls will often look darker than the paint sample you purchased because with the limited amount of light you room gets. It always helps to have a few options to paint samples to narrow down the Ultimate Color that will satisfy your palette. This is where purchasing a sample comes into play. As Denver’s leader in color consulting we’ve helped dozens of home owners custom pick colors and fabric to personalize their surroundings.

Pro Tip: Be sure to paint samples on primed portions of your walls.


Blair is incredible! My husband and I were remodeling our house and needed some help with our paint color decisions. Blair was able to come to our home and help guide me in the right direction since I was struggling with coordinating all of the colors that I had envisioned. She took all aspects of our newly remodeled house into consideration, including our floor, counter top, and cabinet colors, along with lighting. The final product is absolutely beautiful and turned out even better than we imagined, thanks to Blair! She is a delight to work with and I will absolutely be using her again in the future.
~ Allana L.

Complete Colorful Concepts

Paint on the walls flows smoothly from room to room when there is a subtle flow. It is most often satisfying when there is at least one dynamic room that stands out because it is an attention grabber. Choosing colors that fit each individual room, while complementing other room’s tone takes an eye for detail. From your furniture and artwork, they collectively should be the elements that stand out in your room.

Considering where and how much natural sunlight is coming into your room throughout the year, the current lighting elements and furniture in the space are just a few of the elements we consider when helping you choose the perfect color. Bridging rooms seamlessly with complimentary colors, texture, and patterns you will be sure to have a custom home that suits you.


This is where the paint subtleties on the walls play an important part. Your house can be turning into your home when your paint and furnishings are tailored to your personality.

Downsizing to Design

There are some items you just can’t let go of, we get that, yet there are many that we get emotionally tied to and really should pass along. Downsizing your home with the furniture and accessories that make your space homey, comfortable, and inviting can be a daunting task for many.

With a keen eye for the space we have helped hundreds of people downsize their belongings to those that they really only need and want. Together we’ll de-clutter your overstuffed or outdated rooms to clear up some breathing space and put a little extra cash in your pocket.  We can come for a few hours or a few days to help you make your space inviting again.

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